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Achieve the perfect balance between

modern life and the spiritual side,

the Siddha Way.

Simple yet powerful solutions from Jothi Siddhar lineage

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Spiritual Training

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Dosha Vihara Program

Spiritual solution for planetary influence. Receive energies from the dieties of influencing planes.

Kundalini Shaktipath

It is the right of any spiritual aspirant. Shaktipath is open for anyone and no commitment to our lineage is required.


Corecell Energy Healing that combines spiritual and herbal energy for fast result. A revolutionary method with fast results.

Sri Pranaji’s teachings, delivered by Jothinanda

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Sri Pranaji

 Sri Pranaji (founder of Pranashakty), an enlightened guru and founder of the JothiSiddhar Lineage is the glowing representation of the Universal Truth, that even a householder, with dedicated practice, can achieve enlightenment. He is known as a Master who made all spiritual secretes available for common man.


Since meeting Sri Pranaji in 2004, Jothinanda has been a part of every spiritual Journey that¬†Pranashakty took. He was initiated by Sri Pranaji as an Acharya in 2008 and is also from the world’s first batch of students who completed the Shakty Enlightenment Program.