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Dosha Vihara Program 

Astrological Remedies, the Spiritual Way

Astrology is not destiny. It is an opportunity. Along with Astrology, they created powerful tools to solve the problems too. Unfortunately, over the years, due to lack of proper knowledge transfer, we forgot the techniques and remedies reduced to time taking physical efforts.

Dosha Vihara Program

Astrological Remedies, the Spiritual Way

strology is not destiny. It is an opportunity. Along with Astrology, ancient Siddhas created powerful tools for remedies  too. Unfortunately, over the years, due to lack of proper training, the knowledge was lost in time & remedies reduced to time taking physical efforts.

How do planets work on us?

If you thought that the planets revolving around the sun were influencing us, it is time to change that understanding. Old star-based time calculation caused the misunderstanding. In fact, “planets” in astrology are energies. They change cyclically, influenced by complex but predictable cosmic formulas. That formula is called Astrology, and those repeating energy patterns, due to their nature, are called planets.

How do these energies influence us?

These energies are always around us and are constantly influencing our energy bodies. Our etheric and physical nerves act like an antenna to receive them. Those energies may create some blocks or release some. That, in turn, influences our energy and mind, and life starts changing accordingly. Are you seeing an opportunity now? Yes, the energy field! That is where our opportunity is!

Really? Is it that simple?

Let us face it. It is not easy to counter those strong and permanent cosmic influences. Regular healing methodologies won’t work here. But it is possible if we invoke the right method. The solution has a 2-way approach.

  1. Powerful spiritual energies (from soul level) that can re-work your energy system.
  2. Get help from deities who own these “planets,” thereby reducing the intensity of their influence. 

Did that start to look complex? Don’t lose hope yet. See the next section. 


Siddha Way is the way to do it

This is where the smartness of Siddhas comes to the rescue. Help from a highly trained spiritual person is a must to access soul energy and deities. Still, that person can “transmit” the energies to anyone.  The receiver just has to meditate and receive it.

Accessing these energies is a complex and personalized spiritual process and there is no common solution available. But a person who receives it needs to spend only 10 minutes a day. Once you receive, they work automatically in you. Each remedy is designed based on a person’s problem area. 

How are we going to do it?

We will go the digital way (but still the Siddha Way)!  Here is how it works:

  1. Let us know the planetary influence that you are going through.
  2. If you don’t have access to astrologer, let us know only the problem(s) that you are trying to solve. We can figure it out.
  3. SiddhaWay team are not astrologers and don’t do birth chart analysis. We only provide spiritual remedies.
  4. We will program the energy (of soul and the deity) and create a personal mantra.
  5. You will receive a personal login and instructions to do the meditation.
  6. This process has to be done daily once until the influence of planet goes away (usually for 3 to 4 months)

Fee structure

A nominal fee is charged for the effort and time of people involved in delivering the life-changing experience for you. 

Dosha Vihara Program Fees

$100 USD

for 6 months

The Program fees include:


Access to Dosha Vihara Personalized Remedy for 6 months

Includes one set of solution for current planetary issues


Complementary access to daily healing meditation

Made available through the same member dashboard

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Acharya, Pranashakty International

Jothinanda is trained by Sri Pranaji, an enlightened guru and founder of the JothiSiddhar Lineage. Since meeting Sri Pranaji in 2004, Jothinanda has been a part of every spiritual and service project done by Pranashakty International, the spiritual organization founded by Sri Pranaji.

Jothinanda was initiated by Sri Pranaji as an Acharya in 2008 and is also from the first batch who completed the Shakty Enlightenment Program. Practices and techniques provided on this website are part of the training received from Sri Pranaji, and is a part of our dream to make spirituality more practical and approachable for the commoner.